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Why Us?

About Omnes Healthcare

A commitment to care and change for the better

"We aspire to be the UK's leading champion of patients, commissioners and employees by delivering services that are clinically excellent, that reach all walks of life, and that make the best use of public money. We will evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the NHS, our employees will be proud to deliver patient-centred, responsive care, and the NHS will be better for it."

We have a long and successful history of delivering high quality GP services across multiple practices in London and the South East. Since 2006 we have built a portfolio of primary and specialist care solutions including newly established practices, a walk-in centre and specialist clinics.

Champion of patients

We continuously develop our approach to reflect the requirements of the local population, striving to improve the quality of healthcare and delivering multi-disciplinary support for patients. In doing so we work closely with local care providers such as district nurses, midwifery, health visitors, palliative care teams, substance abuse service and community mental health teams.

The provision of enhanced services within our practices aims to further improve convenience and health outcomes for our patients including dementia screening and support, diabetes clinics, pain clinics and involvement in local COPD Health Champions initiatives.

Pride in our people

We are committed to providing high quality training and education for all our staff, from apprenticeship placements to monthly educational meetings and have received accreditation from the Londonwide Deanery.

In addition, we have a number of opportunities for our dedicated admin teams to up-skill in their areas of interest e.g. Youth-PPG, diabetes support, mental health, safeguarding. As a result we have developed highly skilled teams, delivering patient-centred care in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Evolving to meet the requirements of the NHS

Our services are flexible and cope well with increasing demand, working efficiently and adapting to better meet the needs of patients and the local health economy. We work closely with CCGs, developing new pathways and regularly reviewing our performance against local and organisation-wide standards. We are always looking for innovative methods of providing accessible, convenient services for patients. To date this has included: SMS appointment reminders, the facility to order repeat prescriptions electronically, telephone consultations and online appointment booking.

As a group, our comprehensive governance, auditing and quality assurance systems allow learning and experience to be shared across the organisation, ensuring that each practice provides the highest standard of care.